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Macs may not load the program directly, mostly this is older versions of operating system 10.4 or earlier. Macs, you may have to click an icon for a small program that downloaded. The file could be on your desktop or in your downloads folder. File name is Launch.jnlp Just double click this icon. This should then start loading the program.

Program did not load into your Dock. If your Mac does not start loading on it’s own and you have to click the launch.jnlp program icon the during the loading process when you get a screen asking to create desktop and dock integration say yes and select your Applications folder. Later find the P4P program in your applications folder and drag this to your Dock just like you would any application you wanted to install in dock.

PC computers usually create a desktop icon.

If for some reason they do not, you can go to your Control Panels, choose the Java control panel. Select the General Tab on your Java Control Panel. Lower right corner of the panel select the View button found in the Temporary Internet Files section. This will take a moment to load. You should see P4P listed as a program. Click to select P4P in the list. Then you should be able to click the third button, a curving arrow in the top of this panel. This button creates new desktop shortcuts. When you are finished click Close and OK


If you have a question, email us at support@pixs4pros.com

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A new software interface has been installed.The program is the same, only the placement of certain controls and the visual appearance of the program have changed. To see a quick overview movie click here. More details will follow shortly.