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Professional Photo Proofs
Brides and High School Seniors prefer paper photo proofs. Today's digital cameras, when set up to specifications, will produce files suitable for digital photo proofs without the need for hands on color management. Hence, our calibrated printers will produce high quality 3.5x5, 4x5, 4x6 and 5x5 paper proofs. ā€œEā€ Surface and Metallic Kodak Papers available. Choose single proofs or spiral bound proof books.
Our calibrated printers will provide consistent quality each and every time. A color balanced monitor at your studio is required for optimum results.

Proof Size

E Surface Prints

Metallic Prints

Lustre Spray

Linen Texture

$ .38
$ .48
$ .38
$ .12
Portrait Wedding Proofs
Spiral Bound Proof Books 4x6 and smaller
Senior Proof Brag Book Binding charge: $2.50, 70 proof thickness maximum. Price includes clear cover, back cover and plastic spiral. Check appropriate box in Options to order. We will bind your loose proofs to make a special presentatiion book perfect for seniors, models, families and children.
Spiral Bound Proof Books 8x10 and larger
Are perfect for weddings. Drag and drop your folder to the selected template: 4, 6, 9 or 12 openings. Select from the various cover options or design your own in PhotoShop. Text boxes are available on covers for names and dates. If text boxes are not filled in nothing will appear on the cover except the static image. Binding charge: $2.50, 70 page thickness maximum.

Album Size

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E Surface

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Metallic Paper

Wedding Proof Magazines
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