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A new software interface has been installed.The program is the same, only the placement of certain controls and the visual appearance of the program have changed. To see a quick overview movie click here. More details will follow shortly.

Operation of the ROES program is easy to use, load your images, pick your print product, select the crop and enter the quantity selected by your customer. Click a few buttons and your order will be sent for printing.

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Pixs4Pros ROES software will transform your online digital ordering into a fast, exciting, visual process. Pixs4Pros ROES is Free software that operates on Windows XP, Vista or Mac OSX computers. Pixs4Pros ROES provides fast service, great prices and easy ordering for Candid Wedding, Portrait, Sports and other Events and now complete 'Print and Bind' custom RGB coffee table style albums. Direct to paper proofing and final prints are available in sizes 2x3 to 20x30. Lab services: digital retouch, spray and mount services are available. Send your professional digital imaging print orders using the internet directly to Pixs4Pros Professional Digital Printers. Place your orders anytime, day or night.

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