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Hard Bound Brag Proof Books

A black hard cover bound proof book is 'the' perfect marketing tool, available in four sizes as 5x5 (with window) and 2x3, 4x5 or 4x6 (without window) with 5 pages/10 prints and are fully assembled. 4x5, 5x5 and 4x6 proof books with 10 pages/20 prints also available. An ideal size to fit in a purse or back pack. Templates are available to offer both single and double images per page which provide the option of showing any number of images between 10 & 40. If you need to show more images or add designs use Photoshop to design your very own unique templates. Selling Bound Proof Books or used as a premium, is the way to add value and profit while retaining control of your images. These quality proof books with finished prints can add to a portrait studio’s niche capabilities, base price remains the same. The choice is yours. Here are some suggested uses.

1. To add value to Class of 2013 Senior packages.
2. For Ambassador/Representative’s “show and tell’ at school.
3. Used as a ‘basic proof book’ to replace folios.
4. To illustrate your repertoire of poses.
5. To be used as bride’s maid gifts.
6. To be used as baby or child album.

Black 5x5 Window Proof Books

5x5 w/10 prints
5x5 w/20 prints


Price includes 2x2 window print, assembly and presentation box.
brag proof books 5x5proof book page

Black Proof Books w/o Window

4x6 w/10 prints
4x6 w/20 prints
4x5 w/10 prints
4x5 w/20 prints
2x3 w/10 prints
Price includes assembly and presentation box.
4x6 proof brag books2x3 proof book page
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Order 4x5, 4x6 and 5x5 proof books in ROES, select the Proofs Catalog and then the Proof Books -- Bound Proof Books tabs. There are several HCB templates to choose. For the 2x3 book, the template is available in the Prints Catalog, Units tab.